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Autore Topic: Bike swap: Tootling on a hybrid and tottering on a Brompton  (Letto 8834 volte)

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Bike swap: Tootling on a hybrid and tottering on a Brompton
« il: Novembre 30, 2012, 10:15:36 am »
Ben Thomas swaps his 10-year-old Brompton T5 for James Randerson's Specialized Sirrus Elite

Dear Ben,

Thanks for at least entertaining the notion that my bike might be cool. But I'm afraid I won't be taking any style tips from a man who rides a two-wheeled folding pogo stick. After tottering dangerously around the streets of London on your contraption, survival was far closer to the front of my mind than fashion.

My friend who works in a bike shop (and is admittedly a bit of a bike snob like you) reckons that there are only three types of people who ride Bromptons – attractive women, men in suits and weird men.

I haven't seen you dressed up for work recently ...

No sir, I found that riding your Brompton was more likely to elicit the derision of gangs of kids on their way to school than coy jealous glances as my sleek lines glided past. The ride was like bouncing along on a space-hopper attached by a pole – such is the irritating, energy-sapping suspension.

It was exciting though, I'll give you that. Riding this tea-cup sipping stiletto-bike transformed me instantly into a super-powerful giant. All my body movements were exaggerated with often near-fatal consequences. As I took a hand off the handlebars to signal ahead of a junction, the sudden upset to the bike's equilibrium sent me veering dangerously towards a parked car or oncoming traffic. So I was reduced to the slow, timid and stand-offish cyclist I used to be. At least cars don't push me around on my "Frankenstein" machine.

By the way sir, the feeling of uncomfortable vulnerability is not helped by the lack of much acceleration or real speed. At least you had the grace to admit your gears don't work, but when you handed the thing to me, your description of the top two as "cruising gears" was rather wide of the mark. I suppose you meant that the frequent skipping means it is not advisable to stand up in the saddle. Don't worry, I didn't.

But what of the Brompton's trump card you ask – the foldability? Well it's a useful trick I'll grant you that, although it has a habit of performing it when you don't want it to – but more of that next time ...

Good luck on the cycle home,


attractive woman

man in suits

weird man

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